New Stock August 2022 (Part II)

It's August the summer is almost over, and many of our staff are still on holiday, and also many of our collectors seem to be on holiday. Although usually around this time, things start to pick up and we get busy. But for the time being, things are still manageable. This time of the year is also somewhat dangerous for us, as we know that Richard is probably sitting in his office feeling bored right now... And when he gets bored he comes up with ideas, and when he comes up with ideas, the rest of the staff gets busy, and our collectors usually get more than what they bargained for.

That is what happened in 1985 when he decided to strike a 20-year commemorative edition of the 1965 souvenir peso he had had a hand in striking, the Tower Mint examples are now gone, but we still have some examples struck by the Commonwealth Mint. Grab yours while stock lasts.

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Miletos Diobol 520-450 B.C_obv

Miletos Diobol 520-450 B.C. Good Fine

The city of Miletos on the coast of modern Turkey has been occupied since the Neolithic, rising and falling a few times before this coin was made between 520-450 B.C. In 499 B.C. the Ionion Revolt started, headed by Miletos’ tyrant, Aristagoras, against the Achaemenid Persian Empire. This revolt was the first act of the famous Greco-Persian Wars! Despite a good start it was crushed by Darius the Great in 494 B.C. He killed the men, sold the women & children into slavery with the young men made eunuchs so that no Milesian would ever be born again. Don’t worry, some had escaped to Greece so Miletos survived and the Persians quickly rebuilt the city for trade. These small silver coins called a Diobol were made before and after the revolt, show a Lion on the obverse with a stellate pattern on the reverse. Archaic, Greek silver coin in Good Fine grade, nearly £2,500 years old and at under £100!
Netherlands East Indies 1945 Set of Three BU

Netherlands East Indies, 1945 Set of Three BU

This is a set of the last coins struck for the Netherlands East Indies, but it is also a very special set of coins. First, they are the last coins of the Netherlands East Indies. Second, they were struck during World War II, and third, they were struck at the Philadelphia Mint in the United States. There are three coins all dated 1945, 1/2 Cent, 1 Cent, and 2 1/2 Cents all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. A dealer friend of ours found them at the bottom of his cupboard. He found just 100 sets.
US 101st Airborne Division Medal_obv

United States of America, 101st Airborne Division Medal

The 101st Airborne Division, or “Screaming Eagles” as they are nicknamed, is an elite division of the United States Army that specializes in air assault operations often operating behind enemy lines. Originally established in 1918 they gained renown for their role in Operation Overlord (D-Day landings). They were also deployed to Vietnam in 1967 and were referred to as the “Chicken Men” by the Vietnamese because of their insignia. Enemy commanders are said to have warned their men to avoid the Chicken Men at all costs because they were sure to lose any engagement with them. These medals honour this elite combat division and show an armed soldier walking through long grass with a helicopter in the background and the words “101st Airborne Division” above and “Screaming Eagles” below with the insignia of the unit to the right, a bald eagle. The reverse of the medal has the seal of the United States Army. These medals are gleaming gold-plated and supplied in a protective capsule.
United States of America, 1971 Proof Set

United States of America, 1971 Proof Set

1971 American Proof Sets in stock. The set comes in a black plastic display case imprinted with an American eagle and United States Proof Set.
United States of America, Dollar 2009 (Lincoln) Silver Proof

United States of America, Dollar 2009 (Lincoln) Silver Proof

It was because of Abraham Lincoln that the American Civil War took place. It was because of Abraham Lincoln that the slaves were freed. It was because of both of these things that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. He died for what he believed in. Today the cent coin and the $5 both portray Lincoln. But what many collectors don’t know is that in 2009 a commemorative silver dollar was issued, we are now offering you this silver dollar in brilliant proof condition, but supplies are very limited. He was a man you can really admire. We have priced this Proof Silver Dollar at a realistic price, he's a man who you can and should be proud of.
United States of America, Silver Dollar (Columbus Quincentenary) 1992 Proof_obv

United States of America, Silver Dollar (Columbus Quincentenary) 1992 Proof

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492. That was the ditty kids in the US learned in school when talking about the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. In 1992 the United States Mint issued a beautiful Silver Proof Dollar to celebrate the 500th anniversary of that discovery. You have Columbus standing astride the new found America holding a staff and flag. The reverse has his ship and a space rocket to show how things have changed and the dates 1492-1992. Each silver Proof Silver Dollar comes in the protective capsule as issued. A beautiful coin in beautiful condition. We think you will like the price, but supplies are very limited…