New Stock April 2022 (Banknotes)

Just before we take a break for the Easter bank holidays, we wanted to give you a few more options for your banknote collection. We realise that we don't upload banknotes to our website as often as we upload coins, but when we do, we try to give a good selection of banknotes for your collection. The availability is limited for some of the items below, but we do believe you'll have plenty to choose from in this new upload.

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L K O'Brien Portrait 10/- B286 VF

L K O'Brien Portrait 10/- B286 VF

L K O’Brien was Chief Cashier when the Bank of England decided to change the design of its banknotes from the Britannia series to the new Portrait series, which for the first time in the bank’s long history was to feature the portrait of the reigning monarch. This issue we can off er examples of the O’Brien Britannia 10 shillings (B271) and of the Portrait 10 shillings which replaced it in 1960. (B286) The Britannia design was introduced in 1928 under Mahon. The front featured a portrait of Britannia seated and the back a bed of acanthus leaves. The Portrait 10 shilling as its name implies featured a portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II .The back retained Britannia but as a seated young girl. We off er Fine to Very Fine examples of the Britannia 10/- and Very Fine examples of the Portrait variety. Save when you buy the pair.
Libya 10 Dinars 2002 P66 Crisp GVF-EF

Libya 10 Dinars 2002 P66 Crisp GVF-EF

These 10 dinars, issued by Libya in 2002, feature a portrait of Omar El Mukhtar (P66) He was a teacher turned resistance fi ghter who led the fight against the Italian colonisation of Libya. Regarded as a national hero, he was skilled in desert warfare through his knowledge of local geography, which he turned to his advantage against the Italians. His 20 year struggle came to an end in 1931 when he was captured by the Italian Army and executed. He was 73. The back of this colourful note shows a crowd and the hillside fort at Sabha, Crisp GVF-EF.
Picture of Libya, 1 dinar nd, 2004 (P68). UNC

Libya, 1 dinar nd, 2004 (P68). UNC

Issued in 2004 featuring Colonel Gadaffi. Crisp Uncirculated.
Mexico 50 Pesos (2021) Polymer P-New Unc

Mexico 50 Pesos (2021) Polymer P-New Unc

Another denomination has been issued in the new series of Mexican banknotes. This time it’s the 50 pesos and like the 100 and the 20 which we have already offered, they are printed on polymer in a vertical format. The theme is Old Mexico. The front has an illustration of the city of Tenochtitlan from Diego Rivera’s mural. An eagle on cactus is from a fragment of the monolith Teocali de la Guerra Sagrada. The back highlights the ecosystem of lakes and rivers with a Mexican salamander featured. Uncirculated.
Russia 500 Roubles 1912 Peter The Great P14 EF/GEF

Russia 500 Roubles 1912 Peter The Great P14 EF/GEF

We have always loved these 500 roubles featuring Peter the Great. They are dated 1912 and are amongst the last notes issued by Tsarist Russia before the Russian Revolution of 1917 swept away all vestiges of Imperial Rule.(P14) They are huge- measuring 270mm x 125mm. At the time, they represented an equally huge amount of money. They feature an imposing portrait of Peter the Great on the back and in the watermark. Peter the Great built Russia’s Navy and founded St Petersburg, the Venice of the North.These are lovely examples in Crisp EF/GEF.
Serbia 1000 Dinara 1942 P32  EF/GEF

Serbia 1000 Dinara 1942 P32 EF/GEF

We offer examples of the 1000 dinar dated 1942 and issued when Serbia was under German Occupation (P32/TBB311) In delicate pastel shades, the front depicts a blacksmith at work and a woman seated with spun wool. The back features a young shepherdess with her flock and a farmer sowing seeds. A wonderful note, now 80 years old and in EF/ GEF condition.