New Stock April 2023 (Part II)

With inflation increasing, it has become harder and harder to find a bargain. When they do come by, they rarely come in large quantities…

In this new stock upload we have a number of offers you don't want to miss out on, so remember to act quickly if you want to see these coins in your collection!

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Jersey, 1/12 Shilling 1945 Brilliant Unc_obv

Jersey, 1/12 Shilling 1945 Brilliant Unc

This 1/12 Shilling or, as we know it, a Penny was issued 1945 to honour the Liberation of Jersey from its German occupation during World War Two. You have the crowned portrait of King George VI on the obverse and the arms of Jersey on the reverse. It is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and today it is becoming more and more difficult to find, especially so nice. The coin makes a most interesting and historic remembrance of World War Two and the fact that Jersey was under German rule.
Julian II ‘The Apostate’ Centenionalis Fine

Julian II ‘The Apostate’ Centenionalis Fine

Continuing our series of the famous Constantinian Dynasty we offer Julian, the Last Pagan Emperor. Julian was born in A.D. 332, nephew to Constantine the Great. He was five years old when Constantine died, the sons of Constantine then murdered any rivals, including his father. The infant Julian was sent to be educated in Athens until A.D. 355 when Constantius II summoned him to deal with problems in the West. He was successful and so popular that the army later proclaimed him emperor, luckily Constantius II died in A.D. 361, resolving the issue. Julian tolerated all religions but is best known for attempting to reinstate the old Roman gods, earning the name Julian ‘The Apostate’ from later writers. His short reign ended when he died of wounds from a skirmish with the Sassanian army during an attempted invasion in A.D. 363. We offer bronze coins of Julian showing his portrait with various reverses. The coins presented here grade in Fine but there is a very limited number as Julian is not as easy to find as his cousins. We hope you get one!
Netherlands, Silver 1 Gulden of Juliana (1954-1968) Extremely Fine_obv

Netherlands, Silver 1 Gulden of Juliana (1954-1968) Extremely Fine

These silver 1 Gulden pieces were issued under Queen Juliana between 1954-1968. You have the Queen’s portrait on one side and the crowned standing lion of the Netherlands on the other side. The coins are in Extremely Fine condition and now of course have been replaced by Euro coins. Shame to see history obliterated in order to push a far less attractive issue. A coin struck in silver when money was money…
Pakistan Nuclear Test Medal 1998

Pakistan, Nuclear Test Medal 1998

In a recent issue, we offered sets of 11 different Pakistan medals, one of which was this interesting medal issued to mark the underground nuclear tests conducted by Pakistan in May 1998. Codenamed Chagai-I, the tests were carried out in the remote Ros Koh Hills in the Chagai District of Balochistan Province in direct response to India’s second nuclear tests earlier that month. News of the tests was met with celebrations in Pakistan but was widely condemned by the International community. The Pakistani government established the Chagai-I Medal, first awarded in 1998 to the scientists who witnessed the tests. Subsequently, the Chagai-I medal has been awarded to various individuals in the field of science. The granite mountains are shown on the medal with inscriptions in Arabic above and below, the reverse shows the crescent and star of Pakistan with the date 28 May 1998 below all within a wreath. The ribbon has equal stripes of yellow, red, and white.
Sweden, 2 Kroner 1950 Extremely Fine_obv

Sweden, 2 Kroner 1950 Extremely Fine

This Silver 2 Kroner coin was issued in Sweden under King Gustaf V in 1950 and was the highest denomination coin struck at the time. It was also the last date of issue, the King died in 1950. We bought a fantastic high grade lot of these beautiful silver coins. We can offer them in Extremely Fine and Uncirculated condition which is not bad for a 72 year old silver coin! Well worth having and difficult to get so nice…

United States of America, Kennedy Silver Half Dollar 1969 BU

The United States honoured the late President Kennedy with a commemorative 50 Cent Coin. In 1964 they were struck in 900 fine silver. From 1965-1970 they were issued in 400 fine silver. We recently bought some original unopened rolls of the 1969 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars. They were put away over 50 years ago and have been untouched since they were issued by the United States Mint. It is a beautiful Uncirculated coin - get one while you can!

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