New Stock April 2022 (British Coins)

Whilst going through the British Coins available on our website we realized that we were lacking Hammered coins... we quickly got to work and not only did we come up with some coins for our website, but we created another category just for Hammered Coins. Because why not? There are enough hammered coin collectors out there to present the stock we have available in one category. And if you're thinking about starting a collection, start by visiting this page and learn more about hammered coinage.

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Charles I, Halfcrown (1625-1649) Fine/Very Fine_obv

Charles I, Halfcrown Tower Mint, mm Bell (1625-1649) Good Fine

Charles I (1625-49) Halfcrown, Tower Mint, Type 3a, mm Bell (1634-35). Good Fine, dark tone.
Edward IV, Groat (Second reign) Very Fine_obv

Edward IV, Groat (Second Reign) Mm Pierced Cross About Very Fine

Edward IV, Second Reign (1471-83) Groat, London Mint, Mm Pierced Cross, Cinquefoil after DON. About Very Fine
Edward VI, Shilling 1549 Very Fine_obv

Edward VI, Shilling (Second Debased Issue) 1549 MDXLIX Very Fine

Bust 4, Mintmark Roman 'Y', Southwark Mint. 5.17g, S.2466B Profile issue of the young King, the first dated coin in this country, dated in Roman Numerals. The portrait Very Fine for issue and a nice collectable example of the earliest dated coin from this country.
Mary, Groat Very Fine_obv

Mary, Groat, Mm Pomegranate 1553-54 Very Fine

Mary (1553-54), Groat, Mm Pomegranate. Crowned bust facing left. Slightly bent and straightened but still Very Fine for issue with a well-struck portrait.