New Stock April 2022

With the bank holiday just around the corner, we thought now might be a good time to make 'new' items available on our website.

We have quite a wide variety of items available for you to purchase in this new upload. But you might want to pay special attention to the 2005 Gold Sovereign. we have less than 100 at the moment, and every time we sell more than 100 sovereigns or half sovereigns we have to put the price up! So don't miss out on this coin or any others that might tickle your fancy, as stock availability is limited.

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Canada, George V, 10c Fine_obv

Canada, George V, 10c Fine

In Canada they issued a silver ten cents or, as it is called over there, a dime for King George V. They were issued from 1911-1936 and all were struck in 800 fine Silver. We bought a small group of these interesting silver coins from the last year of issue, 1936. You have King George V on one side and the value and date within a wreath on the other side. All coins are struck in Silver and are in Fine condition.
Canada, Newfoundland, Large & Small 1 Cent coins_obv

Canada, Newfoundland, Large & Small 1 Cent coins

Newfoundland, when it was independent, used to issue its own coins, but with the portrait of British Monarchs on them. The smallest denomination struck was the One Cent coin. But due to inflation, the One Cent coin went from a large cent to a small cent.Under King George V the One Cent was a large bronze coin, but under King George VI it became a small bronze coin. You will note that both portraits are facing left, rather than right and left. That is because Edward VIII came in between them and his portrait would have been Facing the other way. Nice coins, two monarchs, two different sizes one denomination. Both coins are in Fine or better condition and well worth adding to your collection.
Canada, Victoria $1 1901 Patinas_obv

Canada, Victoria $1 1901 Patinas

This is a Patina or retro-pattern of Queen Victoria showing what a dollar-sized coin might have looked like, had they issued it in 1901. You have the Old Head bust of the Queen in her mourning outfit on one side and ‘Canada 1901’ with a wreath on the other side. The mintage was just 550 of each ever made and today they are highly collectable. We can offer them in Proof Sterling Silver and Proof Copper. They really are stunning pieces and quite a low mintage
From £19.50
Canada, Victoria 1901 $1 Copper_rev

Canada, Victoria 1901 $1 Copper

Canadian $1 Patina in Copper, Crownsized and in Prooflike Uncirculated condition. Retro dated 1901.
Canada, Victoria 1901 $1 Silver_obv

Canada, Victoria 1901 $1 Silver

Canadian $1 Patina in Silver, Crownsized and in Prooflike Uncirculated condition. Retro dated 1901.
Edward VII, Cyprus Patina Silver_obv

Edward VII, Cyprus Bare Head Patina Silver

Silver Edward VII Cyprus Bare Head Patina Silver in proof.