New Stock April 2021

We are very excited about the items in this new upload! And that is because we now have the very popular Ancient Greek Coin – the Athenian Owl in two different conditions,nice examples of the Jubilee Head coinage of Queen Victoria, High-grade Silver Shillings of King Geroge VI, and all the Sterling Silver Threepences of Edward VII from 1902-1910.

Some of these items have VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY, so be quick to the checkout page if you want to see them in your collection.

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Victoria, Bonomi Design (Australia) Silver Patina Matt Proof

Bonomi was an engraver who privately made patterns for Victorian Crowns, These were most unusual as the design was engraved incuse rather than raised. The portrait of Queen Victoria was not the most flattering we have ever seen. Of course, the designs were not accepted, but today they bring thousands of pounds from collectors. We believe the secret is time, it changes a lot of things. Our friend in Manchester decided a number of years ago to use the Bonomi design and make some Patina retro patterns of British interest. We believe he made between 50 and 70 pieces of each in Sterling Silver. We bought all that he had left. This is the Australia issue in Matt Proof Sterling Silver. A very limited number is available and they're worth having

Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) EF

Jubilee Head Florin Extremely Fine
Victoria_Jubillee Head_Florin _VG_obv

Victoria, Florin (Jubilee Head) VG

Jubilee Head Florin Very Good
Victoria_Jubilee Head_Shilling_VG_obv

Victoria, Shilling (Jubilee Head) VG

Jubilee Head Shilling Very Good

Victoria, Sixpence (Jubilee Head) EF

Jubilee Head Sixpence Extremely Fine
Victoria_Jubilee Head_Sixpence_VG_obv

Victoria, Sixpence (Jubilee Head) VG

Jubilee Head Sixpence Very Good