New Stock April 2021

We are very excited about the items in this new upload! And that is because we now have the very popular Ancient Greek Coin – the Athenian Owl in two different conditions,nice examples of the Jubilee Head coinage of Queen Victoria, High-grade Silver Shillings of King Geroge VI, and all the Sterling Silver Threepences of Edward VII from 1902-1910.

Some of these items have VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY, so be quick to the checkout page if you want to see them in your collection.

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George VI_Shilling_Scottish_Silver_High_Grade_obv

George VI, Shilling (Scottish) Silver High Grade

We have just bought a nice group of high-grade King George VI Silver Shillings. These are the last Silver Shillings ever to be made for circulation. They were made between 1937 and 1946 and there are two reverses, one for England and one for Scotland. The Scottish issue (presented here) was made to honour the King’s wife, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. The coins are in Extremely Fine or better condition, but as we bought them as a lot, we are going to sell them unchecked. Dates will be as they come out of the bag, but the quality will always be high and they are the last type of Shilling ever to be made in silver for general usage.

Haiti, 0.5 Gourde Uncirculated

The island of Haiti has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, hurricane, famine and violence. It takes up half the island the other half is the Dominican Republic. We have a 0.50 Gourde in Uncirculated condition One one side you have the portrait of Jean Duvalier and on the other the unusual denomintaion. Not an easy coin to get as they have had so many problems of late.

Pakistan, 1991 Sitara Hurb Medal

Another fantastic piece for our growing band of collectors of military medals, or anyone who likes a bargain! We are delighted to be able to offer this Pakistani armed forces Medal from 1991. These are all original and genuine medals – NOT replicas or reproductions! This medal is in very nice collectable condition and comes mounted with the correct ribbon. Now we bought this piece at a very good price, and we are passing the savings on to you, our collectors! At this price they would make great gifts too!

Russia (USSR), 1 Rouble (Sergey Prokofiev 100th Anniversary) Unc

In 1991 the USSR or CCCP as they spell it in Russian, issued a special commemorative One Rouble. It was to honour the 100th birthday of Sergey Prokofiev the Russian composer. You have the bust of Prokofiev on one side and the Russian arms with the Hammer and Sickle on the other side. Of course now Russia is no longer the USSR and thus the coins no longer carry this symbol. These 1 Roubles are in Uncirculated condition, which in many cases is rarer than the proofs. Now it is almost impossible to find USSR coins in Russia, it is something that they would prefer to forget.

Spain 19 Different Pre-Euro Coins

The man who makes our sets of European coins pre the Euro, has come up with his best collection yet! He has put together a collection of 19 different pre-Euro Spanish coins. He said he was going to do it and to be honest we didn’t think that he could do it, especially at the price he quoted. He is as good as his word and here they are: 10 Centimos (1), 50 Centimos (1), 1 Peseta (5), 5 Pesetas (10). 10 Pesetas (1) and 25 Pesetas (1). A total of 19 different Spanish coins all in selected circulated condition.

St Thomas & Prince, 1000 Dobras Divers Proof CN

This Scarce St. Thomas & Prince 1000 Dobras Olympic crown was issued in 1996 for the games held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It depicts swimmers and is struck in Proof cupronickel. Very high relief and quite a scarce crown.They have toned over the years. This is a good value, especially at our price of just £19.95!