New Stock April 2021 (Part II)

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... you know how the rest of the rhyme goes, don't you?

On this new stock upload, we really do have something old and something new (new by our standards), but nothing is borrowed and only two items are blue. We do however have Sixpences, but you don't have to give them to a bride if you don't want to.

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20 Piece Arsenal Poker Chip Collection

If you you support Arsenal you are going to love this 20 piece collection. Please remember we are not taking sides. But this set of 20 different chips are not in holders, but they are great value and we believe they were made about 2006-2007. If this set were issued today you would expect to pay between £140 and £180 for them. But our price is so special that we will hold it till we run out. We have listed the players in alphabetical order, each chip has a full colour photograph of the player and the position they held: Adebayor, Aliadiere, Almunia, Connolly, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Flamini, Gallas, Gilberto, Henry, Hleb, Hoyte, Lauren, Lehmann, Ljungbreg, Rosicky, Senderos, Song and Toure, This is a fantastic collection of 20 different full colour chips and the whole collection is Just £19.95. That’s right! Less than £1 each and at this piece we think they are a bargain.

Bronze Halfpenny Monarch Collection

For several years we have been offering a Monarch type collection of Pennies. Now we are offering the same type collection but of halfpennies. The Halfpenny is much more difficult to get than the pennies and supplies are limited. You get a halfpenny of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. All are in selected circulated condition and believe us, these sets are not easy to put together. Remember that two of these bronze halfpennies are over 100 years old.

C&H Enamelled 1971 Halfpence

Here we preset a Carpenter & Howlett enamelled Halfpences from 1971. The Halfpence was issued between 1971 and 1984, but the 1972 and 1984 were not issued for circulation and the 1983 was withdrawn quickly from circulation.

C&H Enamelled 1975 Halfpence

Here we present a Carpenter & Howlett enamelled Halfpences from 1975. The Halfpence was issued between 1971 and 1984, but the 1972 and 1984 were not issued for circulation and the 1983 was withdrawn quickly from circulation.

Crispus Bronze coin in Fine

Continuing our series of the famous Constantinian Dynasty we offer Crispus, the son who was second only to Constantine before being executed. A 1700-year-old mystery that will likely never be solved. Flavius Julius Crispus was born around A.D. 300, the son of Constantine the Great by his first wife Minervina. Made Caesar in A.D. 317 Crispus had a very successful military career, even helping his father to overcome and defeat the rival emperor Licinius in A.D. 324. He was all but heir to the throne but in A.D. 326 he was mysteriously executed on the orders of his father, Constantine the Great. The best theory we have is that his stepmother, the Empress Fausta, engineered it for her own son’s advancement as shortly after Fausta herself was dead on the orders of her devastated and furious husband. These bronze coins were struck in the early A.D. 320s and have various reverses. Crispus does not reign long and after his death, a ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ was enacted meaning his coins are Scarce, and we have limited stock available for this coin. These coins remain some of the best sources of information for him being Caesar. We offer them here in Fine, do not miss out.
Elizabeth I_Sixpence_Ewerby_Hoard_Fair_obv

Elizabeth I, Sixpence (Ewerby Hoard) Fair

The obverse has a reasonable impression of the portrait but will have flat areas. The reverse usually has a complete shield and date.