New Stock 28 January 2021

This is a stock upload you don't want to miss, there are plenty of items in this new upload (more than usual), some are sure to be popular amongst our collectors, such as the follow up to the Roman Emperors Starter Collection others like the 2019 £10 Legend of the Ravens, the 2000 Maundy Set, and the 2019 £5 Commemorative of Queen Victoria's anniversary offered in the original Royal Mint presentation case, will probably not be available for a very long time...

Speaking of Queen Victoria, we are also offering you a beautiful Jubilee Head Halfcrown in Extremely Fine, a portrait that did not last long as Queen Victoria hated this design.

A rare coin from St.Helena featuring St.George slaying the Dragon is also featured on this upload, an impressive coin sold at an impressive price. Oh! but these are just some of the items featured in this new upload. We would hate to see you miss out on the items you want but unfortunately STOCK IS LIMITED...

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Elizabeth II, 5 Pence 1969 Brilliant Uncirculated

1969 5 Pence (only 2nd Year of issue) offered in Brilliant Uncirculated

Elizabeth II, 5 Pence 1970 Brilliant Uncricualted

1970 5 Pence (Large Size) Brilliant Uncirculated

Elizabeth II, 5 Pence 1989 Brilliant Uncircualted

1989 5 Pence (Large Size) Brilliant Uncirculated

Elizabeth II, 5 Pence 1997 Brilliant Uncirculated

1997 5 Pence (Small size) Brilliant Uncirculated

Elizabeth II, 50 Pence (Boy Scout Anniversary) 2007 Brilliant Uncirculated

2007 50 Pence Boy Scout Anniversary Brilliant Uncirculated

Elizabeth II, 50 Pence 1981 Brilliant Uncirculated

1981 50 Pence (large size) Brilliant Uncirculated