New Stock 28 January 2021

This is a stock upload you don't want to miss, there are plenty of items in this new upload (more than usual), some are sure to be popular amongst our collectors, such as the follow up to the Roman Emperors Starter Collection others like the 2019 £10 Legend of the Ravens, the 2000 Maundy Set, and the 2019 £5 Commemorative of Queen Victoria's anniversary offered in the original Royal Mint presentation case, will probably not be available for a very long time...

Speaking of Queen Victoria, we are also offering you a beautiful Jubilee Head Halfcrown in Extremely Fine, a portrait that did not last long as Queen Victoria hated this design.

A rare coin from St.Helena featuring St.George slaying the Dragon is also featured on this upload, an impressive coin sold at an impressive price. Oh! but these are just some of the items featured in this new upload. We would hate to see you miss out on the items you want but unfortunately STOCK IS LIMITED...

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Congo, 10 Francs 2010 Roman Centurion

In 2010 the Democratic Republic of the Congo issued a coin honouring the Roman Centurion as part of their Warriors of the World series. Each coin has a denomination of 10 Francs, is struck on a heavily silvered planchet and is in gleaming Proof condition. You have the Roman Centurion standing with his shield and sword ready to take action. The obverse has the country’s coat of arms a rather spectacular shield with the head of a snarling leopard.
Picture of Cuba, 1 Peso (50th Anniversary of UN), 1995 Cupro-nickel

Cuba, 1 Peso (50th Anniversary of UN), 1995 Cupro-nickel

This crownsized Cuba 1 Peso was issued in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. Usually a one peso coin will be rather small, but this case it is a full 38mm. More importantly it comes in the original bubble package. The current catalogue price is $17.00 about £13.50. You have a group of faces with a dove of peace in the background. The obverse has the Cuban coat of arms. This piece was part of the Royal Mint United Nations programme and most collectors have never seen this coin. If you live in America it is sill illegal for you to import it. Nice Uncirculated examples in the bright yellow bubble pack and at only £8.50, it is quite a good deal…
Picture of Dutch Pre-Euro Coin Set

Dutch Pre-Euro Coin Set

The Netherlands issued their own coinage, but now only use Euro coins. One of our suppliers has put together type sets of the old, pre-Euro coins that each country used to use. It is getting harder and harder to find the coins to make up these sets, so supplies are limited. All coins are circulated, which means that they were actually used as money. You get the 1 Gulden, 25c 10c and 5c coins.
Picture of Elizabeth II, £5 Silver Piedfort 2000

Elizabeth II, £5 Silver Piedfort 2000

In 2000 the Queen Mother celebrated her 100th birthday and the Royal Mint issued a special commemorative crownsized £5 piece to honour this most important event. You have the Queen Mother on one side and her daughter The Queen on the other, be sure you call heads with this coin. We understand that they only struck 14,850 of these Sterling Silver Piedfort, after all, they are double the normal thickness of a Crown and thus quite huge. Each coin comes in the original Royal Mint packaging with the certificate, capsule and outer presentation case. The last time we offered these we quickly sold out, so if you want one for your collection, we suggest that you get in quickly!

Elizabeth II, 10 Pence 1986 Brilliant Uncirculated

1986 10 Pence (Not made for circulation) Brilliant Uncirculated.

Elizabeth II, 2 Pence 1977 Brilliant Uncirculated

1977 2 Pence (Silver Jubilee Year) Brilliant Uncirculated