New Stock 28 January 2021

This is a stock upload you don't want to miss, there are plenty of items in this new upload (more than usual), some are sure to be popular amongst our collectors, such as the follow up to the Roman Emperors Starter Collection others like the 2019 £10 Legend of the Ravens, the 2000 Maundy Set, and the 2019 £5 Commemorative of Queen Victoria's anniversary offered in the original Royal Mint presentation case, will probably not be available for a very long time...

Speaking of Queen Victoria, we are also offering you a beautiful Jubilee Head Halfcrown in Extremely Fine, a portrait that did not last long as Queen Victoria hated this design.

A rare coin from St.Helena featuring St.George slaying the Dragon is also featured on this upload, an impressive coin sold at an impressive price. Oh! but these are just some of the items featured in this new upload. We would hate to see you miss out on the items you want but unfortunately STOCK IS LIMITED...

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Picture of 16x Folding Magnifying Glass

16x Folding Magnifying Glass

This is the type of magnifying glass that dealers take with them when they go out to look at coins. It is a 16 x Wide Field folding magnifying glass. The way to use it is to put the glass near your eye and then bring the thing you want to see into the glass until it is focused. These come to us from the United States. The quality is very good and it folds into itself to protect the lens.
Belgium, 1944 2 Francs_obv

Belgium, 1944 2 Francs EF

Another World War II coin, that we have in a small quantity only. Struck in 1944 and available in Extremely Fine Condition, we have a limited number of pieces of this 2 Franc coin so please get in quickly to avoid disappointment.
British Caribbean_1965_2_Cent_BU_obv

British Caribbean Terretories 1965 2 Cent BU

We like to offer Uncirculated minor coins of the world at prices that will interest and amaze you and this example is no exception. From the British Caribbean Territories, a name that has now been changed we have a 2 Cents 1965 Brilliant Uncirculated. Supplies are limited and priced to please you.
Picture of Bulgaria, 5 Leva 1930

Bulgaria, 5 Leva 1930

Man on horseback hunting a lion, Very Fine
Picture of Canada, Trivial Pursuit Silver Proof

Canada, Trivial Pursuit Silver Proof

The entrancing game of Trivial Pursuit has now been immortalized on a Canadian coin. Which makes sense as the inventors were Canadian. This coin was for their 35th anniversary 1982-2017. Each $25 silver coin has H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the full-colour Pursuit wheel on the reverse. The coin weighs one ounce of 999 fine silver and is in Proof condition. It comes in a handsome wooden case with certificate. Unfortunately, we were only able to secure 20 pieces. They are sure to be popular with collectors and gamers alike. We wish we could have bought more of them, but that was all that was left...

Colombia 5 Coin Mint Set

Colombia is now one of the most go ahead countries in South America. It has gotten rid of most of the drug dealers and is now joining the rest of the world in working hard and growing. Their new coins express this ‘go get them’ image and I think they are rather special, all showing animals. They are all dated 2013-2014 and are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The two largest denominations are bi-metallic. You get the 50 Pesos with a bear on it, the 100 Pesos a flowering plant, 200 Pesos with a parrot, 500 Pesos with a frog and the 1000 Pesos with a tortoise on it. The designs are beautiful and it is one of the nicest modern sets that we have seen. Unfortunately, we were only allocated 100 sets of the new coinage, seems there is a small problem about taking the coins out of the country. Never-the-less our man managed to get us 100 Brilliant Uncirculated sets. Don’t miss out.