New Stock 22 November 2019

Coincraft's new stock update on 22 November 2019, for this upload we bring you a D-Day 50 Pence, an Edward VII One-Third Farthing in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, a 1966 Kennedy Half Dollar and many more items. Subscribe to our newsletter and be one of the first collectors to see the new items we have in stock. To receive stock updates regularly click here.

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20 Different Torch Relay FDC

Before the Olympics were held in London in 2012, they ran the Olympic Torch all over the country to get as many people as possible involved. Mercury issued a series of covers for each town the torch entered. Each cover has a full colour photograph of the place such as Aberystwyth, Belfast, and Taunton. There is also a special First Class stamp on each cover. The stamp alone would cost 67p today. We have twenty (20) different covers, where they are from will vary, but all 20 will be different. A nice souvenir of the Olympics. From what we understand they were issued at about £3.50 a cover, which means the 20 covers would have cost about £70.00. If you buy it from us, you'll get 20 different full colour covers with first class stamps, not for the £70.00 but for only £15.00. That works out to just 75p a cover just over the cost of the First Class Stamp.

Belgium, Triangular World War I Commemorative Medal

A triangular-shaped commemorative World War I medal, with a soldier wearing a helmet. The medal has a Red, orange and black ribbon.

Belgium, Victory Medal World War II

War II medal featuring a Lion in very high relief over ‘V’ for victory. The ribbon is yellow, black and white

Belgium, World War I Fire Medal

World War One, Cross of Fire medallion. Helmet over bayonet with small artillery gun. With red and blue ribbon.

Canada, Newfoundland, George VI 10 Cents

Newfoundland was originally a part of Canada which issued its own coinage, now it is part of the Confederation of Canada and they use Canadian coins. This is the Silver Ten Cents issued under King George VI. It has the crowned Monarch on one side the value and date on the other side. I have many of the George VI 5 Cents, but the last time I ran the George VI 10 Cents they quickly sold out. With luck a dealer travelling in Canada came across a small group of this important silver ten cents. I say important because Newfoundland no longer issues its own coinage, and you would need one for your coin of a country collection. The coins are in Very Fine condition and struck in Silver, remember this country no longer issues its own coinage.

Charles & Diana Wedding St. Paul Curpro-nickel

When Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, we issued a medal to honour the event. We did it with formal portraits of the couple and issued it in several different metals. The ones on offer today are in cupro-nickel. The mintage was rather small, especially compared to the number of other medals and crowns that were issued worldwide. Steve found them in one of the vault rooms. I had completely forgotten about them. Supplies are limited.

Crown Cover Golden Jubilee British Indian Ocean

Golden Jubilee CrownCover 4 stamps of British Indian Ocean Territory with a Falklands Crown showing a map of Great Britain and the words, ‘Royal Tour of Britain’. These Crown Covers were issued in 2002, some 16 years ago. They honoured H. M. Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee or 50th anniversary of coming to the throne. This year is also the 50th anniversary of Coincraft being in London, but I cannot see anyone making a crown for that. Each cover features 4 stamps, a full-colour cover and a Prooflike Crown to honour this momentous event. Supplies are limited and once they are gone, they are gone…

Edward I, Treasure (Durham) Penny 1272-1307 Fine

The hoard of Edward I Silver Pennies was found at Montrave, Fifeshire in Scotland in 1877. It was found on the land belonging to Mr Allan Gilmour of Lundin and Montrave. It was fully declared and sat in the British Museum for 40-50 years while they examined it. We recently bought a large part of the hoard from one of the heirs of the man who found them in 1877. We are offering you the chance on one of the Rarer Mints, Durham. If you come from Durham, so much the better. Each coin comes with a certificate, certifying that your coin comes from the Montrave Treasure Hoard and from the town of Durham.

Edward VII, Double Florin Silver

It is now many years ago the 1st British Patina or retro-patterns were issued. The mintages were small, the quality was high and now we are almost out of most of them. But we do have the Edward VII Double Florin issue on offer, please remember that supplies are limited. Struck in Proof condition, but over the years they have toned some.

Elizabeth II, £1 Egyptian Bridge Silver Proof, 2006

VIP collectors were offered Sterling Silver versions of the old round pound. This coin is dated 2006. These are the regular base metal designs but struck in Proof Sterling Silver. You have the Queen on the obverse and the Egyptian Arch on the reverse. Each coin comes in a protective capsule as issued and is in gleaming Brilliant Proof condition.

Elizabeth II, Coronation Halfpenny, 1953

One of the most difficult denominations to get, in Uncirculated condition, is the Halfpenny. It was a denomination that was regularly used and thus usually comes in circulated condition. We went through one of our vault rooms and found a box of 1953 Coronation Halfpennies in Uncirculated condition taken from the Mint Set of that year; they came out of a plastic folder. Over the past 65 years, they have mellowed a bit, but they have never seen circulation. Years ago we offered the 1953 Penny and that quickly sold out; we expect the same thing to happen on the Coronation halfpenny.

Elizabeth II, D-Day 50 pence Silver Proof, 1994

The Royal Mint issued a Special commemorative 50 Pence in 1994 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of D-Day. This was, of course, the day that we invaded Europe and the start of the long battle to defeat the Germans which set Europe Free. The 50 Pence at that time was a much larger coin and it showed the design off to its fullest. You have a squadron of planes and gliders attacking with ships below getting ready to off load the soldiers. The Mint also made a Special Collectors edition. Struck in Proof Sterling Silver they are now no longer made, the 50p has been replaced by a much smaller coin. Supplies are limited and each coin comes in a protective capsule as issued by the Mint.

Elizabeth II, Farthing Brilliant Uncirculated, 1956

In 1956 the Royal Mint issued the last Farthing ever! I guess that it was too low of a denomination to be of any use. We have a nice small group of Brilliant Uncirculated 1956 Queen Elizabeth II Farthings. These are the last Farthing to ever be struck. The Mint didn’t make a lot of them and they are the most difficult date of Queen Elizabeth II to find. Get them while you can, remember there were 4 to a Penny and 960 to the pound. These are now 63 years old and in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Elizabeth II, NHS 50 pence Silver Proof Piedfort, 1998

In 1998 the Royal Mint issued a special 50 Pence honouring the National Health Service (NHS). They made some special coins for very special collectors. They were struck in Proof Sterling Silver and were twice the normal thickness or Piedforts. We have just bought 10 of these important type coins. With what some of the prices that are being asked for ‘common’ current coins, I think this is good value.

Elizabeth II, Silver Proof Pound, 1996

The 1996 Silver Proof Pound is now 22 years old it would make an excellent gift for someone born or married in 1996. It has the Northern Ireland design on it which is the Celtic Cross and should appeal to anyone who has Celtic blood in them. Each coin comes in a protective capsule inside the case of issue as issued by the Mint. The obverse has the Maklouf bust of the Queen and this is the penultimate issue with this bust. We think they are handsome and our price on this Sterling Silver Proof 1996 Silver Proof is very reasonable.

Elizabeth II, two 10 pences (Large & Small) 1992

In 1992 the Royal Mint reduced the size of the 10 Pence, the first time since it was originally struck in 1968. The coin was too big and did not reflect the change in our lives and the usage of our coins. So a new smaller coin was struck. For collectors the Royal Mint issued a set of the old large sized 10p and the new smaller 10p in Sterling Silver. Please remember that the large sized 10p was not produced for circulation in any metal. So if you want a large sized 10p dated 1992 you will need one in silver and this is it. You get both the large sized and the small sized 10 Pences, both dated 1992 and both in Proof Sterling Silver. The pair come in a Royal Mint case of issue.

George III, Bull Head Shilling Fair (1816-1820)

In 1816 they passed the Currency Reform Act which made it possible to strike coins without having to have the Monarch sign a bill every year. This was because of King George III's sickness, which resulted in a great shortage of small coins. In 1816 and until 1820 this new design of the King’s Shilling circulated and the King hated the new designs. In fact he hated the Half Crown design so much that he made them change it. All of the George III Shillings are struck in Sterling Silver and they were only made from 1816 until 1820. We can offer this Bull Head Shilling of George III in Fair. The King may have hated the design, but we like it. The more coins you order, the more different dates we will try and give you.

George III, Crown Very Good

In 1816 the government made all of the older coins no longer legal tender. They then issued a whole series of new coins, which were of course legal tender. This is the first type of Crown or Five Shillings to be issued for King George III. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were issued only from 1818- 1820. This coin is now proving very hard to get and it has been sometime since we last had enough to offer them. Dates of our choice, but we offer them here in Very Good condition. A very important coin as it was the first of the ‘new’ coinage to be struck.

George III, Halfpenny Very Fine, 1806

During the reign of King George III there was a great shortage of small change. The last type of Halfpenny issued for this Monarch was struck in 1806 and 1807. We recently purchased a nice group of the 1806 issue, the first year of issue in Fine and Very Fine condition. You have the bust of King George III dressed as a Roman on one side and the seated figure of Britannia on the other side. These were the last copper George III halfpennies issued. After the Currency Reform Act of 1816, they didn’t bother to issue any halfpennies.

George VI, Festival of Britain Crown, 1951 (boxed)

Only the second Crown struck in the reign of George VI. Ours come with the original boxes.

George VI, Halfcrown Extremely Fine, 1944

This Silver George VI Halfcrown was issued at the end of World War II in 1944. It was the largest silver coin issued at the time and it would be only two more years before they removed all silver from our coinage. You have the bust of King George VI on one side and arms with crowned ciphers on the other side. These Silver Halfcrowns are in Extremely Fine condition which is a high grade for this coin. Don’t miss out.

India, Portuguese India Half, Rupia 1936 Brilliant Uncirculated

A number of years ago there was a hoard of Portuguese India 1 Rupees of 1936 and most of them were in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. What most collectors don’t know is that there were also a small group of the Rare one year type Half Rupee in Silver also in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We have a very small group of these Rare Silver Half Rupees in Brilliant Uncirculated condition to offer, but they are really limited. The Rupee is Scarce to Rare and the group is being dissipated into collectors hands, but the Half Rupee is the Gem of the group. Please don’t miss out on this one!

Scotland, Cupronickel Pattern 25 ECU 1992. BU

Privately issued crown-size pattern 25 Ecu coin for Scotland issued in 1992 and struck in Cupronickel. Brilliant Uncirculated.

Tristan da Cunha, Nelson Crown with Piece of Ship

In 2015 the little island of Tristan da Cunha issued a rather special Silver Proof Crown. It was for Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, his portrait was the reverse with H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. But what makes these crowns so special is that each coin contains an actual piece of his flag ship HMS Victory. That’s right a small actual piece of the wood that was used in his ship... You can now own a real bit of history. Today the mints worldwide seem to be charging about £80.00 for a new silver crown, so we are very pleased to be able to offer you one at a lower price. However, supplies are very limited and the ship had only so much timber…

United States of America, 1966 Kennedy Half Dollar Unc

The Kennedy Half Dollar was issued for the first time in 1964, just after the 22nd of November 1963, the date of his assassination. They still make these coins today, but not usually for circulation. These coins are struck in base metal and are in Uncirculated condition. If you are missing any of these dates, now is your chance to add them to your collection. This one is from 1966 and it's in Uncirculated price.