New Banknote Stock September 2020

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Biafra, 5 shillings (1967) (P1) UNC

Blue and orange. Palm tree and sunrise / Young girls

Chris Salmon £20 B409 Unc

Chris Salmon £20 Mauve Queen Eliz/ Adam Smith B409 Unc

Costa Rica, 1000 colones, 2009 (P274). UNC

Printed on polymer plastic and issed from 2009.

Fantastic Collection of 7 different German Bonds

The denominations are: 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Reichsmarks.

Spain 5 Pesetas 1954 P146 Unc

Spain 5 pesetas 1954 P146 Green on white Small. King at r/ Façade of Palacio de Biblioteca e Museos Unc

Yugoslavia 100 Million dinara 1993 P124 Unc

In the early 1990s, Yugoslavia suffered chronic hyperinflation with banknotes being issued in the millions and finally the billions. This 100 million Dinara is dated 1993. (P124) A young boy appears on the front with the facade of the Academy of Science on the back. A relic of troubled times before war led to the breakup of the country. Crisp Uncirculated at just £ 3.75