New Banknote Stock 24 August 2020

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Antarctica 1 Dollar 2015 Polymer Plastic Unc

Antarctica 1 dollar 2015 Printed on polymer plastic Blue Head of penguin/Penguins walking Unc

Israel 20 Sheqalim 2008 P64 Plastic Unc

Israel 20 shekels P64 Green Printed vertically on polymer plastic / Man and text/Camp watchtower and citizens. Unc

J B Page Pictorial £1 B337 A01 Unc

J B Page £1 B337 Green Pictorial Queen/ Isaac Newton A01 prefix Unc

N Ireland Ulster Bank £5 2007 P340 Unc D Prefix

Ulster Bank Limited £5 2007 P340 Pink and brown Wheat fields, docks and Giants Causeway. D Prefix Unc

Papua New Guinea 10 Kina nd (2008) P30 Plastic Unc

#Papua New Guinea 10 kina nd (2008) P30 Printed on plastic Parliament building/Bowl and bracelet Unc

Spain 50 Pesetas 1935 P88 Crisp EF/GEF

High grade examples of the 50 pesetas issued in 1935 by Spain. (P88) Engraved and printed by Thomas de la Rue the front features the portrait of Santiago Ramos y Cajal. He was famous as a doctor and histologist who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1906. His elaborate memorial, found in the Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid is illustrated on the back. These are lovely examples in Crisp EF/GEF at just £14.50.