Namibia 10 Dollars (2000) P4 Unc.

Namibia 10 dollars from 2000 P4 in Blue featuring Kaptain Hendrik Witbooi in hat and building behind with Springbok. In uncirculated condition.
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Ivory Coast is part of the currency union of The West African States. This means that all the countries within that currency union issue the same banknotes. The addition of a suffix letter after the serial number then identifies which country that note was actually issued for. In the case of the Ivory Coast, the suffix letter used is A. These 1000 francs were issued over 20 years ago in 1999 (P111A) The front has a women in headscarf to the right with a vignette of dam building behind. The back has women carrying baskets to the right with carved masks to the left and a village on stilts over water in the background. Crisp A Uncirculated at the very special price of just £6.25
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These 10 cedi notes are dated 1978 and feature a man smoking a pipe on the front (P16) The back has a view of the Akosombo Dam in Lake Volta. Crisp Uncirculated.