Mithradates II (124 - 91 B.C.) 'the Great' Early Silver Drachm

When Mithradates II came to the throne in 121 B.C. the Parthian Empire was on the brink of collapse. With issues internally and enemies on all sides, he methodically dealt with the problems so efficiently that he even managed to further expand the empire to its greatest extent. This bought him into contact with the Han Chinese in the East and Romans in the West, Parthia grew rich on the trade with and between the two. For this revival, he is known by the epithet, ‘the Great’ and died around 91 B.C. Mithradates II slowly replaced the Hellenistic imagery on Parthian coins as he distanced himself from the Greek invaders and harked back to the Persian Achaemenid Empire of old. We offer silver drachm from early in his reign when on the reverse he had replaced the Greek Omphalos rock the Archer (Arsaces I) was seated on with a Persian high-backed seat seen in the photo example. We have a very limited amount of these silver drachm in Extremely Fine condition, these coins remain our best source of information on the Parthian Empire.
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