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Picture of Gaul, Massalian Obol. Ca. 350-150 B.C.

Gaul, Massalian Obol. Ca. 350-150 B.C.

Massalia is the ancient name of the French city of Marseilles. Established about 600 B.C. by Greek colonists coming from Phocaea (now Foça, in modern Turkey) it soon became rich as the link between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. One citizen, Pytheas, sailed North between 330-320 B.C. to find a cheaper sea trade route for Cornish Tin. While exploring he was the first to link the tides to the moon, the first Mediterranean to see floating sea ice, the Midnight Sun in the arctic, and to explore the British Isles! He travelled around the coast by boat and on the land on foot. The coins on offer here are Silver Obols struck between Ca. 350-150 B.C., the peak of Massalia’s prosperity. They show the head of Apollo on the obverse and on the reverse a wheel with ‘M-A’. They are Very Fine in grade but typically some are slightly off struck. As always the first to order will get the best.