United States of America, Masonic Military Medal

This crownsized piece was issued to honour the American war veterans who were also Masons. One side has the letter ‘G’ with the square and tools, the other side the emblems of the different American military organizations. It is beautifully enamelled on both sides and comes in a protective plastic capsule. It not only honours American military but their connection to the Masonic organizations. Friendship, morality and brotherly love.
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Picture of Congo, 10 Francs, Warriors of The World English Archer

Congo, 10 Francs, Warriors of The World English Archer

The Democratic Republic of the Congo issued a series of Proof Crowns or 10 Francs in 2010 to honour real and fantasy Warriors of the World. Here we offer the English Archer, famous for showing two fingers to the French. Each silver plated crown is struck in gleaming Proof condition and we think we bought most of the mintage.