Lucius Verus Silver Denarius Good Very Fine

Lucius Verus was born Lucius Ceionius Commodus in A.D. 130 to Aelius Commodus, Hadrian’s first Caesar who died two months before Hadrian himself. As a condition of Antoninus Pius’ adoption, he had to adopt young Lucius but preferred the older Marcus Aurelius so adopted both! Ultimately Lucius was more interested in pleasure (like his father) so Marcus Aurelius was the clear successor. But when Pius died in A.D. 161 Marcus refused to rule without Lucius, who took Marcus’ family name, Verus, in tribute. They were the first co-emperors in the Roman Empire! To force Lucius Verus to grow up he was sent East to fight the Parthians who were stirring up trouble. Though the Romans won the troops bought back ‘The Antonine Plague’ (likely smallpox) that decimated Rome. Lucius Verus likely died of this in A.D. 169 in Rome. This group of Lucius Verus coins is very scarce! A dealer sold us a small group in Very Fine that he had been putting by for a number of years. The obverse has the bust of Verus with various reverses. This will be a gap for many people so do not miss out!
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