Lucania, Metapontion. Ca. 390-250 B.C. Æ 15, Athena / Owl

Between 300 and 250 BC, Metapontion, a prominent city in Lucania, Italy, thrived as a significant centre of culture and commerce. Founded by Greek colonists, it played a crucial role in the Hellenistic world. This period witnessed a blend of Greek and indigenous Italic influences, evident in its architecture and urban planning. Metapontion was renowned for its fertile land and agricultural output, particularly wheat. The city also became embroiled in regional conflicts, including tensions with neighbouring Greek cities and the expanding Roman Republic. Despite these challenges, Metapontion maintained its economic prosperity and cultural vibrancy during this era. We have only 8 of these beautiful Bronze Chalkon available which show Athena advancing either left or right on the obverse and an owl standing on barley ear on the reverse. They are exceptionally well preserved and come in a high grade for an ancient Greek bronze coin, about Extremely fine, get one while you can!
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Lucania, Metapontion. Ca. 350-300 B.C. Æ 15. Athena stg. L. holding spear & shield / 'META' Owl stg. R. on corn ear with legend. Very Fine & Scarce.