Lesotho, Mint Set 1988-2010 (6 coins)

To get to Lesotho and you have to go there from South Africa as it is in the middle of South Africa. Not easy coins to get, but in fact, most African coins are difficult to find in Uncirculated condition. The saying is the coins and notes only see a bank once when they are issued. Coins and notes usually come in well-worn condition. You get six coins: 10 Lisente with a goat, 20 Lisente with a plant, 50 Liscente with a native on horseback, 1 Loti with the King, 2 Loti with gains, and 5 Loti with more grains. Their currency is very strong so this set is more expensive. Someone had to go to Lesotho deal with the Central Bank and then get them back to this country…
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