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Picture of Cape Verde, Scarce 100 Escudo, Pope's Visit Commemorative 1990

Cape Verde, Scarce 100 Escudo, Pope's Visit Commemorative 1990

Issued in 1990 to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II to the islands in January 1990.
Picture of Congo, Princess Diana Crown Pair

Congo, Princess Diana Crown Pair

Two proof crowns from the Democratic Republic of the Congo honouring the late Princess Diana. The first is for when she met Pope John Paul II in 1985. The other was when she was on her visit to India in 1992. Each 5 Franc coin is full crownsized and heavily silver plated, struck in choice Proof condition and comes in a capsule. A great pair at a great price, but supplies are very limited. We feel that they should be sold as a pair and at our price we think you will agree, but supplies are limited.

Somalia, 25 Shillings (Icons of the Millennium - Pope John Paul II) 2000 Prooflike

In 2000 the African nation of The Republic of Somalia issued a series of crownsized 25 Shillings depicting Icons of the Millennium. One of the people so honoured was the late Pope John Paul II. You have a bust of the Pope on one side with the arms of Somalia on the other side. These crowns are struck in Prooflike cupronickel and are now 18 years old. We have what we believe is the last supply around and they are priced to tempt and delight you.

Somalia, 3 Crowns for Pope John II

We have just 10 sets of Pope John Paul II Somalia Crowns. There are three Prooflike pieces in each set and with the increase in the metal prices; the planchets alone are worth a bunch. As we need the space, and we do not want to count them again, we will be offering them at a discounted price. Only a few lucky collectors will get to bag this bargain, so make sure you are one of them!