Japan Hansatsu Red/Black (ML)

These Japanese Hansatsu notes issued in the 19th-century, are often referred to as Book Mark Money, because of their shape. A dealer friend recently went to Japan and picked up a group of these fascinating pieces of financial history, including these on offer now. They are printed in black on cream card with red seals and a vignette of a man in flowing robes.
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Japan 'Slender' Hansatsu

Japan 'Slender' Hansatsu

Hansatsu were issued in 19th century Japan and have always been popular with collectors. Shaped like bookmarks we are delighted to offer what we are calling ‘slender’ Hansatsu because the dimensions are a little slimmer than many offered before. Measuring 32mm x 155mm, they are printed on cream card like paper the illustrations comprising red seals and script. Another great addition to your collection – the ‘slender’ Hansatsu.
Picture of Burma Japanese Occupation 10 Rupees P16c F-VF

Burma Japanese Occupation 10 Rupees P16c F-VF

In the countries Japan occupied during the Second World War, a special currency was issued denominated in the currency of the country before the occupation. In the case of Burma these Japanese Government headed notes were denominated in rupees. We offer examples of the 10 rupees issued for Burma (P16) The design was simple with a vignette of temples on the front and a panel of engraving on the back. Available here in F-VF.
Picture of Taiwan 1 Yuan 1961 P971b  AUnc

Taiwan 1 Yuan 1961 P971b AUnc

The country we know as Taiwan today emerged after the Chinese Revolution of 1949. Chiang Kai Shek established his regime thereafter fleeing the Communists led by Mao Tse Tung in mainland China. Ever since the territory has been disputed by the People’s Republic of China. These 1 yuan notes were issued in the early 1960s (P971b) The front has a portrait of revered revolutionary Sun Yat-Sen and a rocky coastal landscape. The back illustrates the façade of a public building with a tower. Uncirculated.