Japan, 100 Mon Bronze Coin

This bronze coin comes from Japan and was one of the last issued before they went Decimal. It reads Tempo Tshuo or 100 Mon and has a validation mark on the edge. It was cast at Edo (Tokyo), it is oblong with a large square hole in the center. It was issued between 1835 and 1870, just before contact with the outside world was more firmly established with the visit of Perry. A most interesting coin and one that you certainly don’t see everyday. It has been sometime since we were last were able to offer you these coins. It is at least 150 years old and a bit of a conversation piece. Supplies are limited.
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In the countries Japan occupied during the Second World War, a special currency was issued denominated in the currency of the country before the occupation. In the case of Burma these Japanese Government headed notes were denominated in rupees. We offer examples of the 10 rupees issued for Burma (P16) The design was simple with a vignette of temples on the front and a panel of engraving on the back. Available here in F-VF.
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Chinese Cash coins are easy to find, you can not say that about Japanese Cash coins. A Cash coin is a round coin with a square hole in it. If you do the I-Ching, then you need three coins all the same. This coins is in Very Fine condition. We don't know what the market is in Japan, but we do know that they are much scarcer than their Chinese counterparts.