Italian States (Duchy of Savoy), Carlo Emanuele I, 1/4 Grosso AEF

Silver 1/4 Grosso AEF
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Carlo Emanuele, known as 'the Great' was also nicknamed Testa d'feu 'The Hot-Headed' on account of his rashness and military aggression. These lovely silver coins were minted between 1585-1593 at three different mints in Chambéry (*), Turin (T) and Aosta (A). The obverse bears the legend CAROLVS. EMANVEL with the letters FERT in the centre, the motto of the House of Savoy and taken to stand for "Foedere et religionetenerum" - "Through unity and religion we are sustained". The reverse has a cross with lily ends and the legend D.G.DVX.SABAVDIE with the date and mintmark at the end of the legend. They are wonderful little coins in a lovely grade, near Extremely Fine and now around 430 years old.

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