Isle of Man 50 Pence Dawson P33 Unc

When the Bank of England discontinued the paper 10 shilling note on decimalisation, it replaced it with a 50 pence coin. In the Isle of Man, instead of ditching the 10 shilling note for a coin it replaced it with a new note with the denomination of 50 New Pence. (P33) These Isle of Man 50 pence coins are amongst the last to be issued Signed by Dawson as Treasurer. They are in Crisp Uncirculated.
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Isle of Man 50 New Pence P33 Turquoise on white Queen at r/ Viking ship Unc

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Isle of Man £1 Dawson P34 Unc

Isle of Man £1 Dawson P34 Unc

Issued in the Isle of Man’s Millennium year, 1979, the 50p and £1 notes in this pair are signed by Dawson with the special new title ‘Treasurer of the Isle of Man’. Queen Elizabeth II is on both notes. She oversaw the 1000th opening of their open-air parliament in that year. The back of the 50 pence note shows a Viking boat, whereas the £1 shows Tynwald Hill, the ancient seat of Manx Parliament (P34). Available individually or as a pair, both in Uncirculated condition.
British Armed Forces 1/- 3rd Issue PM26b Hole Cancelled Unc

British Armed Forces 1/- 3rd Issue PM26b Hole Cancelled Unc

From the end of the Second World War until the late 1970s, British military bases overseas used their own form of currency. They were known as British Armed Forces Vouchers and the idea behind them was to stop black marketeering in the local economies. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, they were discontinued. The government disposed of surplus stocks and these are identified by two holes as a form of cancellation. Ones without this cancellation are much scarcer. We offer examples of the cancelled 1 shilling note from the Third Series first issued in 1956. Uncirculated with limited availability.
Syria 1000 Pounds P111 Unc

Syria Assad Father & Son 1000 & 2000 Pounds Pr P111/117 Unc

An Uncirculated pair of notes featuring members of the Assad family who have ruled Syria since 1971. The father, Hafez al Assad was in power for 29 years from 1971 until his death in 2000. His eldest son was expected to succeed him but was killed in a car accident in 1994. In 2000 Hafez was succeeded by the current President of Syria, his second son, Bashar al Assad. We offer Uncirculated examples of the 1997 1000 pounds featuring Hafez’s portrait (P111/TBB626) and the 2000 pounds issued in more recent times with Bashar al Assad’s portrait(P117/TBB632) Other illustrations include the inner chamber of Parliament and vignettes of oil drilling, agriculture and electricity pylons. Limited availability.