Irish Rabbit Cufflinks

Irish Rabbit Cufflinks in green, produced from coins. In very limited supply.
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Black Irish One Pence Cufflinks

These Irish One Pence cufflinks are from the Heritage range, that used to be sold in hotel lobbies for £50.00 the pair. That was the British Heritage coin jewellery range. You get two real Irish pennies, the coins they used before the Euro made into two cufflinks ready for wearing. They will appeal to coin collectors whether they are Irish or not. Here we present the Cufflinks in Black.
Picture of Bermuda, Elizabeth II, $5 Silver, 2014

Bermuda, Elizabeth II, $5 Silver, 2014

In 2014 the island nation of Bermuda issued a special commemorative crownsized $5.00, it was for H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. We have the beautiful Sterling Silver Proof version to offer you and at what I think is a most reasonable price too. You have Queen Elizabeth II standing next to flags of the British Commonwealth and it reads ‘Dedication from Promise a Family of Nations’. The obverse has the crowned bust of the Queen. I don’t know how much this Sterling Silver Proof was issued for, but today the Royal Mint charges today about £82 for a silver proof crown. These come in a protective capsule and are very attractive and I assume low mintage, because they are too new to have made the catalogues.

Sixpence Mini Bag of 6 coins

As part of our mini bag series, I offer the Sixpence Mini Bag. You get a handsome plush little bag or purse into which we have put 6 cupronickel Sixpences. You will get 3 George VI Sixpences and 3 Queen Elizabeth II Sixpences. Dates of our choice, but you get six sixpences, they make great little gifts for brides to be. The George VI coins were issued 1947-1952 and the Queen Elizabeth II coins were issued 1953-1967. All coins are in selected circulated condition. You get all six sixpences in the little purse for just £7.95, which is less than some marketers are charging for just 1 coin.