Ireland, 25 Euro Glinding Metal Squirrel

These Euro Pattern pieces were struck in 1996 by the International Currency Bureau. They were how they imagined the new Euro coins might be. The Squirrel 25 Euro Pattern was issued for Ireland. On one side the Irish harp and on the other a squirrel with the country name in Gaelic as Eire and the date 1996. It looks as if they are struck in gold but it’s gilding metal, which means this crown sized Ireland Squirrel Pattern 25 Euro is available for just £5.95.
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Ireland, 1996 Pattern 25 Euros in gilding metal. BU

Crown-sized (38mm) struck in 1997 as patterns to show possible designs for the upcoming move to the Euro.
Lithuania, Early Commemomative 5 Litai dated 1936. GVF_obv

Lithuania, Early Commemomative 5 Litai dated 1936. GVF

The first commemorative coin issued by Lithuania in 1936
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Picture of Monaco, 1994 Ecu Cupro-Nickel

Monaco, 1994 Ecu Cupro-Nickel

As many of you who collect Euros know, anything from Monaco is rare and expensive. The same holds true for the Pattern Ecu pieces of 1994. At that time everyone thought the new coinage was going to be called Ecus and not Euros. These were privately issued and highly collected. We have bought out the last of the group that was struck in 1994 and our prices are far more reasonable. These pieces can never be struck again. They have the famous Montgolfier’s balloon taking off over a country house with air balloons and sailing ships over a map of Europe