Iran Bumper Set 13 Different Unc

In the past, we have offered what we have called Bumper Sets of Iran banknotes- all great value. Well, a visitor from the Middle East who we haven’t seen for over 2 years because of the pandemic, arrived with a Bumper Bumper Set of Iranian banknotes and it’s even better value! The set he sold us comprises 13 different notes all in Uncirculated condition. The set ranges from the 100 to the 100,000 rials and includes recent issues where the government is preparing to revalue the currency 10,000 to 1 and call it tomans instead of rials. (P136-7,P140,P143-4, P146,P151-3, P155 and P-New) This is a fabulous set with 13 Crisp Uncirculated notes with many featuring the portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini whose followers toppled the Shah in 1978.
SKU: WIR0965
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Iran 50 Rials P123b/TBB257a Overprint Shah Portrait & Watermark Unc

In 1978, the Islamic Republic of Iran was established when the Pahlavi dynasty was ousted from power by the supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini. Before banknotes could be issued in the name of the new republic, notes from the fallen regime were used but all traces of the Shah were obliterated by overprints over his portrait which appeared on the fronts and in the watermark. We can offer Uncirculated 50 rials showing the obliterated portraits of the Shah(P123b) The back features a view of the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae. Uncirculated.
Mauritania 20 Ouguiya P-New /TBB1255 Polymer_obv

Mauritania 20 Ouguiya P-New /TBB1255 Polymer

This 20 unc note is the 20 ouguiya recently issued by Mauritania.(P-New). Dated 2020 there is an illustration of the Great Mosque of Gataga on the front and the geological wonder of Guelb Errichat, known as the Eye of Africa, on the back.