International Women's Day Picks

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2021 £2 Britannia New Design Prooflike Specimen_obv

Elizabeth II, £2 Britannia New Design 2021 Prooflike Specimen

We have only ever seen photographs of this most unusual silver Britannia. It is dated 2021 and has a stunning head of Britannia depicted as a woman of colour on the reverse, and H.M. the Queen on the obverse. It comes in a presentation box with a certificate and an information booklet. They have called it Uncirculated but we believe it is better a prooflike specimen. The mintage is a maximum of just 7,500 coins. We think it is delightful and the first time we have been able to offer it to our collectors. We have just 20 coins in stock and when they are gone, they are gone… If you collect Silver Britannias then you will want to have this coin in your collection, it is beautiful and difficult to get!!!

Elizabeth II, 50 Pence (Suffragette) 2003 Piedfort Sterling Silver

In 2003 the Royal Mint honoured the 100th anniversary of the Suffragette Movement 1903-2003 with a special commemorative Fifty Pence Piece. The Fifty Pence is our most popular and most collected denomination. You have a Suffragette chained to a fence with a poster that reads ‘Give Women the Vote’. Despite a very popular denomination, the mintages are very low for this issue. They only made 6,267 in Sterling Silver Proof and 6,795 in Piedfort Sterling Silver. Each coin comes in a protective capsule that allows you to see both sides without having to handle the coins. One issue of the 50p coins that is overlooked by collectors and cataloguers.
Faustina Junior Denarius Very Fine_obv

Faustina Junior Denarius Very Fine

Faustina Junior was the daughter of Antoninus Pius and Faustina Senior. She was married to Marcus Aurelius and made Augusta in A.D. 147. They had 14 children over their 30-years marriage with 5 surviving to adulthood, including Commodus. Some ancient writers report adultery and worse but Aurelius gave her the title ‘Mother of the Camp’ for accompanying him in his wars and being beloved of the soldiers so this seems just rumours. She died in mysterious circumstances in A.D. 175 when Aurelius was very ill, possibly dying, and she helped persuade Avidius Cassius to declare himself emperor, likely to protect young Commodus. Aurelius recovered, Cassius was executed and she died around that time with Aurelius apparently devastated, having her deified and coins minted. Faustina Junior is a little scarcer than her mother, Faustina Senior, with more reverse types. We have a group of her silver Denarius in Very Fine with various reverses which we offer to you. She makes a lovely accompaniment to her husband in your collection or on her own merit!
Picture of Royal Bank Scotland £10 2016 P371 Polymer Plastic Unc

Royal Bank Scotland £10 2016 P371 Polymer Plastic Unc

We are delighted to be able to offer the exceptionally attractive Royal Bank of Scotland Polymer £10. It features a portrait of Mary Somerville, a 19th century science writer, astronomer and polymath. She was the joint first female member of the Royal Astronomical Society with Caroline Hirschel. She was also an advocate of women’s rights and the Oxford Somerville College (formerly all female) was named after her. Otters at play make a charming reverse.

Royal Bank Scotland £20 Polymer P-New Unc

The Royal Bank of Scotland issued a polymer £20 note earlier this year which celebrated Kate Cranston, a lady associated with Glasgow in its heyday. In 1878 she opened her first tea room and went on to establish more welcoming establishments, all known for the high standard of service, food quality and cleanliness. She was also associated with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the art movement of the time. Her tea rooms served as art galleries and became social centres for all classes even allowing women to meet without male company in the Ladies Rooms. On the back of these charming notes two red squirrels are depicted alongside an excerpt from Cupid & Venus by Mark Alexander Boyd. Look closely and you will see a midge, scourge of Scottish summers! Uncirculated at £35.00
Royal Bank Scotland £50 2021 P-New Polymer Unc

Royal Bank Scotland £50 2021 P-New Polymer Unc

On 18th August 2021, the Royal Bank of Scotland released its new polymer £50. (P-New) Like the Bank of Scotland, the colour chosen was red, in line with the colour scheme of Bank of England notes south of the border. The front is dominated by a portrait of Flora Stevenson. She was born into a merchant family in Victorian times. Her legacy was as an educator who championed the rights of poorer children and young girls to be educated. She pressed for university education to be opened to women. Her first project was to run evening literacy classes from her home for messenger girls. Alongside her portrait is a view of Randolph Crescent in Edinburgh and the quote ’What Miss Stevenson did not know about education was not worth knowing’. Other illustrations include textile and dye elements. The back features two ospreys and an excerpt from the poem Nettles by N Munro, a midge and some Ladies Bedstraw, a plant using in the dyeing process. A wonderful note which comes alive under UV light! Uncirculated.