Austria-Hungary, 1 Korona Choice Uncirculated

These choice silver 1 Korona coins were issued in Hungary during World War One. You have Emperor Franz Joseph on one side and the crowned value on the other side. The coins on offer are dated 1913-1916 and in a nice high grade, they are in Uncirculated condition. Dates of our choice, but the more you order … A very limited number in stock. A beautiful early silver coin in a very high grade from Hungary, issued during World War One.
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Drachm of Ariobarzanes III Very Good

Ariobarzanes III of Cappadocia was one of the last of the true Greek kings. He had the surnames ‘Eusebes Philorhomaios’ meaning ‘Pious and Friend of the Romans’. He earned this as the Roman senate helped put him on the throne about 52 B.C., just before the huge Roman civil war between the Senate, under Pompey the Great, and Julius Caesar. Repaying this he supported Pompey and the Roman Senate against Julius Caesar but when it was obvious that Caesar would win he switched sides to survive. Eventually, though this ‘treachery’ caught up with him! In 42 B.C. he was killed by one of Caesar's assassins, Gaius Cassius Longinus, for being fed up and refusing to allow more Romans to interfere in his kingdom. We offer a Silver Drachm from Cappadocia of Ariobarzanes III. They grade Very Good and show his head on the obverse with Athena holding Nike on the reverse. Add to your collection one of the last truly Greek silver coins from a ruler who learned the hard way, what did the Romans do for us!
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United States of America, 1989 (200th Anniversary of Congress) Silver Proof Dollar

In 1989 the American Congress celebrated its Bicentennial or 200th anniversary. The American Congress like our Parliament has two divisions, but unlike ours both of their houses are elected. The senior one is the Senate and the junior one is the House of Representatives. The US Mint issued a special silver dollar to honour the 200th anniversary of Congress. It has the Statue of Freedom in the clouds and sunburst on the obverse. The reverse has the Mace from the House of Representatives. These Special Silver Dollars are struck in Proof 900 fine Silver and are priced to tempt you, but supplies are limited. Supplied in protective capsule
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Persia, Silver 1/8 Qirans (Krans), AH1271-Ah1342 (1854-1924)

‘Shahi-e-safid’ or ‘White Sahi’ Persian New Year Silver Coins PLEASE NOTE WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT PAYPAL AS PAYMENT FOR THIS ITEM