Gratian A.D. 367-83. Bronze Coin Very Fine

A lot happened in Gratian’s short life. He was the son of the emperor Valentinian I and in A.D. 367 was made Augustus at only seven years old! When his father died in A.D. 375 Gratian suddenly ruled the Western Roman Empire at just fifteen. Then in A.D. 378 his uncle Valens died in the battle of Adrianopolis, leaving him sole ruler of the whole Roman Empire! Realising he could not rule alone Gratian promoted the successful general Theodosius to Augustus in the East. They fought off multiple barbarian invasions until in A.D. 383 Magnus Maximus, the commander in Britain, thought he could do better and rebelled. The unfortunate Gratian was deserted by his troops and murdered at Lugdunum (Lyon), he was just 24 years old. Gratian had a turbulent reign of constant border warfare and was a fervent Christian, famously removing the ancient Altar of Victory from the Senate in Rome! The coins of Gratian are a bit harder to find than those of his father and uncle, likely from the instability at the time. Here we offer bronze coins of Gratian in Very Fine condition. Continue your collection of the House of Valentinian with this young emperor.
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