Germany Bamberg 1000 Marks 1922 Fine-VF

Germany suffered rampant hyperinflation in the early 1920’s and local banks, towns, industries and municipalities started issuing banknotes alongside the government issues. These 1000 marks notes were issued by the Stadt of Bamberg. They are fairly simple affairs and actually circulated during this fraught economic crisis Available in G Fine to VF at just £5.25.
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Pound Type Set VG-Fine_illustration

Pound Type Set VG-Fine

It's now been over 30 years since the last £1 note was issued. Four £1 note designs have been gathered into this collection. They were issued in the period before and after World War II. You get the Blue Pink Pound, which was printed during World War II. You get the first Portrait note of Queen Elizabeth II and the last, smaller sized portrait note of Queen Elizabeth II. The collection is available here in VG/F.
Picture of Germany 10,000 Marks Vampire P72 Fine

Germany 10,000 Marks Vampire P72 Fine

These 10,000 mark notes dated 1922 are often referred to as Vampire notes (P72) This is because, hidden in the portrait of the merchant on the front, is a vampire sucking his throat, an allusion to the burden of reparation payments German was subject to after World War 1 and which was bleeding the economy dry. Available here in Fine.
Picture of Germany 5000 Marks 1922 P81 F-GVF

Germany 5000 Marks 1922 P81 F-GVF

A note issued during the crazy hyperinflation period of the 1920s in Germany featuring a portraits of a merchant. This 5000 marks note was issued in 1921 and densely engraved in brown and green on cream (P81) . We offer them in Good Fine to VF.