Germany 5 Marks 1917 & 10 Marks 1920 AU/unc

A pair of Uncirculated notes were issued in the early years of the 20th century in Germany. Both are densely engraved in the style of the time. The first is the 5 marks dated 1917 (P56 ) A young woman wearing a garland of flowers is to the right. The 10 marks dated a few years later in 1920 have a simple design with an eagle to the left and right on the front. (P67) Both notes are Uncirculated.
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Iron_Crossbow_bolt_head. Ca. 12/14 A.D.

Iron Crossbow bolt head. Ca. 12/14 A.D.

The crossbow has been around a lot longer than most people think. In China, crossbow mechanisms have been found from 650 B.C. with a repeating crossbow as early as 300 B.C.! In Europe, the Greeks write they were around before at least 400 B.C. While the average crossbow had a much slower rate of fire than a bow, it did not take a lifetime of training to use properly. This meant they were the main ranged weapon used by most nations in medieval warfare, except for England. We offer the iron heads of Medieval crossbow bolts from Europe in the 12th to 14th Centuries. They average about 8cm, come with a Certificate of Authenticity and make a great present or an affordable addition to any collection. There were many different designs over 300 years so they might look a little different to the picture as this is representative.
Picture of Vietnam 10,000 Dong P119 Plastic Unc

Vietnam 10,000 Dong P119 Plastic Unc

Vietnam 10,000 dong nd (2007) P119 Printed on plastic Brown and green. Ho Chi Minh at r/ Sea platform Unc