George VI, Halfcrown 1944 Extremely Fine

This Silver George VI Halfcrown was issued at the end of World War II in 1944. It was the largest silver coin issued at the time and it would be only two more years before they removed all silver from our coinage. You have the bust of King George VI on one side and arms with crowned ciphers on the other side. These Silver Halfcrowns are in Extremely Fine condition which is a high grade for this coin. Don’t miss out.
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Picture of George V, Halfcrown Fine, 1914

George V, Halfcrown Fine, 1914

This Sterling Silver Halfcrown was issued during the first year of World War I, 1914. It was the largest silver coin struck at the time, as no crown for George V would be issued until 1927. You have the bare head of the King facing left and the reverse has the crowned arms within a wreath. All British coins until and including 1919 were struck in Sterling Silver. The coins on offer are in Fine condition and 1914 is not the easiest date to find. This is an interesting coin, an interesting date and one of the last coins from this country to be struck in Sterling Silver.