George VI, Shilling (English) 1950 Unc

King George VI died in 1952 and no Shillings were issued that year, although a Proof example did sell for about £35,000. We can offer the penultimate George VI Shilling, the 1950 Shilling with the English reverse. This is not an easy coin to find in the higher grades and we can offer it in Uncirculated and Choice Uncirculated condition. You have the bare head of the King on one side and a lion standing on a crown on the other side. They catalogue £35.00 in Uncirculated condition in the latest catalogue. Choice Uncirculated would of course be more difficult and more expensive, as they are rarer. If you want one, please get in there quickly…
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George VI, Shilling (English) Silver High Grade

We have just bought a nice group of high grade King George VI Silver Shillings. These are the last Silver Shillings ever to be made for circulation. They were made between 1937 and 1946 and there are two reverses, one for England (presented here) and one for Scotland. The coins are in Extremely Fine or better condition, but as we bought them as a lot, we are going to sell them unchecked. Dates will be as they come out of the bag, but the quality will always be high and they are the last type of Shilling ever to be made in silver for general usage.
Picture of George VI,  Shilling 1949 (English reverse) Gem Unc

George VI, Shilling 1949 (English reverse) Gem Unc

It was in the reign of King George VI that all silver was removed from our coinage and replaced with what we use today, cupronickel. But what many collectors don’t realise is that the cupronickel coins of George VI in choice condition are much rarer to get than choice silver coins of George VI. We purchased a group of the 1949 English Shillings, put away in 1949, and are they super! We have classed them Choice Uncirculated and Gem Uncirculated, the worst coin is far superior to what you see on the market and the finest coins are just about as good as you will ever see. The current catalogue price on this coin is £35.00 in just Uncirculated condition and all of these are much nicer than that. A chance to buy a Choice George VI 1949 English cupronickel Shilling at a price that will please you…