George VI, Shilling (English) 1945 Unc

World War II was over and our coinage was still struck in silver, something that would carry on for just one more year. Starting with his Coronation in 1937, the Shilling had been struck with both an English and a Scottish reverse. So this 1945 English Shilling is the penultimate English Shilling to be issued in silver. Here we offer the 1945 Shilling in About Uncirculated condition. Remember these are still struck in 500 fine Silver.
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Russia (USSR), 3 Roubles (Armenian Earthquake - Mountains & Burning Candle) 1989

Because most of the Russian coins were sold only for foreign currency, they tend not to be found in Russia. This coin features mountains and a burning candle on one side and the national arms with the denomination of 3 Roubles beneath. Struck for the Armenian Earthquake relief in Proof Cupronickel. Supply is very limited.
Netherlands, Queen Beatrix  5 Coin Set

Netherlands, Queen Beatrix 5 Coin Set

The Netherlands issued their own coinage, but now only use Euro coins; the old coins are, in fact, no longer valid. But since it looks like the Euro and the European Union might be in trouble and hopefully disband, their old coins might just become very collectable. One of our suppliers has put together type sets of the old, pre-Euro coins that each country used to use. It is getting harder and harder to find the coins to make up these sets, so supplies are limited. All coins are circulated, which means that they were actually used as money. You get the 5 Gulden, 1 Gulden, 25c 10c and 5c coins.
1941 Halfcrown Choice Unc_obv

George VI, Halfcrown 1941 Choice Unc

Choice Uncirculated.