George VI, Festival of Britain Crown and Stamps (Original Box), 1951

George VI 1951, Festival of Britain Crown and Stamps. In 1951 this country was going off the rationing that had been in force since World War II. The country rejoiced and children could again have sweets and the family, meat. If they could afford it. The Government held a festival on the South Bank called the Festival of Britain. To honour the King, they issued only the second Crown from his reign. Unlike the Coronation issue which was in silver, this Festival of Britain Crown was struck in cupro-nickel. They are Uncirculated and came in a cardboard box which didn’t survive as well as the coin it was protecting. They also issued two stamps for the Festival. We are offering you the 1951 Festival of Britain Crown in the original box of issue plus both mint unused stamps issued for the Festival. Today they are 66 years old and well worth having…
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