George IV, Farthings (Pair) in Very Fine

In the short reign of King George IV 1820-30, there were two different busts used on his Farthings. George IV was also known as the sailor King. You have his early coinage and his later coinage, two types to collect. Because the Farthing was the lowest denomination that was regularly made and used, they tend to come in well-worn condition. Mark has put together a limited number of pairs of both types of George IV Farthings, Bare Head and Laureate Head, but in Very Fine condition. We didn’t think he could do it, but he did. These are very difficult to find in Very Fine condition and they are over 180 years old.
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William IV, Halfcrown Very Good

The reign of King William IV was very short 1830-1837. The largest silver coin struck for circulation was the Halfcrown or two shillings and sixpence. No crowns were struck for circulation and the crowns in the Proof Set sell for up to £40,000 each. The Halfcrown was only struck for circulation in 1834, 1835, 1836, and 1837. We have obtained a small group of this important type of coin in Very Good condition. Remember they are almost 200 years old. Dates will be of our choice and the price is just £85 each. The largest silver coin issued for circulation for this monarch.