George IV, Farthing 2nd Type About VF

King George IV had a very short reign 1820-1830. The smallest denomination made for everyday usage was the Farthing. Struck in copper it had the King’s head in a laurel wreath with Britannia seated on the reverse. Not everyone knows that during this short reign there were two types of Farthing struck for circulation. The first type, struck between 1821-1826, has the king’s name written GEORGIUS IIII, the portrait has drapery on the shoulders and the date is below Britannia on the reverse. The second type of Farthing, struck between 1826-1830, has the king’s name spelt GEORGIUS IV, the portrait has no drapery and the date is on the obverse under the king’s portrait. We offer these coins in About Very Fine condition, they are not an easy coin to find in this grade. You can buy just one type if you are missing it in your collection or both and save some money.
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