George IV, Crown Very Good

During the short reign of King George IV only three crowns were issued 1821, 1822 and 1826. As the 1826 can cost thousands, we will leave that out, for this issue… They are Five Shillings or a real Crown, struck in Sterling Silver for only those two years. You have the King with laurel wreath on one side and St. George and the dragon on the other side. I think this is one of the most underappreciated crowns of the modern series. After all they only struck them for two years and they are within two years of being 200 years old. Real antiques and rather beautiful coins especially in the higher grades, which by the way, can be very expensive. The 1822 in Uncirculated can cost you more than £2,000. We offer them by type, but if you order twos, I promise you one of each date. We have them in two different grades, Fine, Very Good.
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