George II, Sixpence (Old Head) Extremely Fine

In the reign of King George II the last sixpences to be struck for him were in 1757 and 1758. These were known as the old head sixpences as he had ruled for sometime. We have a small group of these Sterling Silver sixpences in Extremely Fine condition. Considering they are now 260 years old we think that they are rather special. Remember, these are the last George II sixpences to be made.
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Faustina Junior was the daughter of Antoninus Pius and Faustina Senior. She was married to Marcus Aurelius and made Augusta in A.D. 147. They had 14 children over their 30-years marriage with 5 surviving to adulthood, including Commodus. Some ancient writers report adultery and worse but Aurelius gave her the title ‘Mother of the Camp’ for accompanying him in his wars and being beloved of the soldiers so this seems just rumours. She died in mysterious circumstances in A.D. 175 when Aurelius was very ill, possibly dying, and she helped persuade Avidius Cassius to declare himself emperor, likely to protect young Commodus. Aurelius recovered, Cassius was executed and she died around that time with Aurelius apparently devastated, having her deified and coins minted. Faustina Junior is a little scarcer than her mother, Faustina Senior, with more reverse types. We have a group of her silver Denarius in Very Fine with various reverses which we offer to you. She makes a lovely accompaniment to her husband in your collection or on her own merit!