Gallienus Antoninianus Centaur with rudder GVF

Gallienus ruled as sole emperor from A.D. 260-268 during one of the most difficult times in the history of the empire. Not only was the empire facing natural disasters and invasions on all sides but he had to face at least 8 rebellions from his own governors and generals! He issued a fantastic group of bronze Antoniniani coins to honour the Gods, asking for their protection against these troubles. We have sold out of these coins before but we managed to buy a small group of the Centaur holding a globe and rudder. These are designed to honour Apollo, likely in response to plagues and disease, with the rudder and globe usually associated with Fortuna for luck. The coins are Good Very Fine. We only have a few at this price, it is very difficult to source these now!
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Magnentius Maiorina Compton Dundon Hoard

Magnentius was likely born to a British father and a Frankish mother in A.D. 303 in Amiens, France. He was a committed Christian who rose rapidly to top positions in the Roman army and A.D. 350 he usurped the unpleasant & unpopular Constans, son of Constantine the Great. The murder of his brother was not taken lightly by Constantius II who finally managed to defeat the usurper in A.D. 353. We recently sold out of the last group so we have managed to buy a few more of the Magnentius’ bronze Maiorina from the Compton Dundon Hoard discovered in Somerset in 2017. The hoard was recorded as GLO-574C93, declared as treasure, and a selection acquired by the Museum of Somerset after being recorded and partially cleaned by the British Museum. This second group shows his head on the obverse with two winged Victories on the reverse. It was winged Victory that inspired the later depiction of Christian angels! The coins are Very Fine with deposits from their time underground and are priced to please.
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India, Kamaragupta (414-455 AD), Silver Drachm. GVF

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