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2023 Charles III Britannia Choice BU_obv

Charles III, £2 Britannia 2023 Choice BU

We have just had our order in from the Royal Mint, we were one of the first to order so the coins we received were early strike Gem Uncirculated coins. Each Silver Britannia contains one ounce of pure Silver and has a nominal face value of £2. These are the first of a whole new series and you really should have one or more in your collection. Beautiful early strikes of the New King Charles III Silver Britannia, priced at £58.50. The King is bare-headed and his name is in English and not in Latin. We can also offer the last Queen Elizabeth II Silver Britannia in (2023) Choice uncirculated, not an easy coin to find…
Complete A-Z Silver Proof 10p  Collection in Acrylic Blocks

Elizabeth II, A-Z 10p Silver Proof Collection in Acrylic Blocks

In 2018 the Royal Mint issued a series of 10 Pence Pieces one for each letter of the Alphabet A-Z. They issued them in base metal for circulation and in Proof Gold and Silver. They issued the Silver version in several ways and the rarest was just 200 of each coin in an acrylic block. Each coin catalogues £45 which means the full set A-Z catalogues £1,170. We have never even seen one of the sets before let alone owned one. Lo and behold a collector up North sold us a few complete sets! Each comes in an individual package and to be honest the whole collection is quite heavy. We have never seen them, they say the mintage is just 200 sets and this is the first time we have been able to offer them for sale. Just 3 sets available for just £850 a set saving you £320 on the catalogue price and we know they are RARE!
Silver Hemidrachm Byzantium About Very Fine_obv

Silver Hemidrachm Byzantium About Very Fine

According to legend the city now known as Istanbul was originally founded in the 7th Century B.C. by Greek colonists from Megara, near Athens. Byzantium commanded the entrance to the Black Sea and grew rich from grain traffic, fishing, and other trade. The city thus made coins to show this wealth and facilitate trade! We have a group of silver Hemidrachm that were first minted in 387 B.C. after the Corinthian War. This period was known as the ‘King’s Peace’ in Greece, named for the King of Persia, Artaxerxes II, as he brokered it. These coins continued to be struck after the Peace ended until Philip II of Macedon unsuccessfully besieged Byzantium in 340 B.C. and production stopped. They show the forepart of a heifer or bull riding a dolphin on the obverse with an ornamented trident on the reverse to represent their patron god, Poseidon! We have a group grading About Very Fine, don’t miss out on a coin from the King’s Peace 2,400 years ago…
Picture of United States of America,  Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar Various Dates Silver Fine

United States of America, Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar Various Dates Silver Fine

In 1916 the United States Mint changed over from the Barber Quarter to the Liberty Standing Quarter. Unfortunately, the designer used a more European model of Liberty with one of her breasts exposed. It caused a scandal and uproar. After all, you couldn’t have bare breasts being shown on your coins. After all, no one had ever seen a bare breast, unless they were feeding their child or you had seen classical sculpture or painting or you had … So in 1917 this design was changed and the offending breast was covered up. The Standing Liberty Quarter was issued until 1930. All of our coins are of the non offending kind, mainly because they are better value. All coins are in Fine condition and it is one of America’s most beautiful silver coins. Dates will be of our choice, but all coins are nice examples in Fine condition and struck in .900 fine Silver.
1992 VIP Silver Proof Set_obv

United States of America, 1992 VIP Silver Proof Set

In 1964 the United States stopped striking her coins in 900 fine silver and in 1970 they stopped using any silver in the coins. This is a VIP 1992 Silver Proof Set. The Kennedy 50 Cent, Washington 25 Cent, and Roosevelt 10 Cent coins are struck in 900 fine Silver. The Proof Set also includes the Jefferson 5 Cent in cupro-nickel and the Lincoln Cent in copper-plated zinc. The five coins come in a double-sided plastic display case which then comes in a silver and black wallet with an information sheet. We think this set is important because three of the coins which are usually struck in cupronickel are struck only in this VIP set in Proof 900 fine Silver.

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