Faustina the Elder Silver Denarius Good Very Fine

Faustina the Elder was the wife of Antoninus Pius, they married and had children (such as Marcus Aurelius’ wife Faustina the Younger) a long time before he was emperor. They appear to have actually been in love with Faustina, as empress, well respected and renowned for her beauty and wisdom. She was particularly involved with charities that helped in the education of girls. Sadly she died in late A.D. 140, early in Antoninus’ reign. Devastated, Antoninus ordered children’s education charities, temples and coins made to commemorate her. We offer you a silver Denarius made for love. On the obverse they show Faustina’s bust with a distinctive hairstyle made by her braids being pulled back in a bun behind or on top of her head. She made it so popular it was still being used 3 generations later. There are various reverses, all grading Very Fine.
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