Falkland, 2002 50 Pence Silver Proof, Palace Flypast

Falkland 2002 50 Pence Palace Flypast in Silver Proof.
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Bag of 10 South African Farthings

Bag of 10 South African Farthings

We don’t know where it came from we don’t know when we bought it or even how much we paid for it, but all that said it is there. It contains George VI and Queen Elizabeth II Farthings and has never been sorted for better Dates or varieties. It is just how we bought them… We are going to have one of the staff members who doesn’t handle the coins, to just count them out into packages of 10 coins, come what may. We have had a quick look and they look much nicer than we would have expected let’s call them selected circulated. So you get a bag of 10 South African Farthings totally unchecked. After all the South African Farthing is not a coin you will see everyday.
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Falkland Islands, 50 Pence (Victoria 100th Anniversary) 2001 Silver Proof

In 2001 the Falkland Islands issued a special silver crown to honour the 100th-anniversary of the death of Queen Victoria. You have the crowned bust of Queen Victoria on one side in the style that was used on colonial coins of the time. The Obverse has the crowned bust of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. We have never see this silver proof crown before, it was part of the inventory we bought from a retired coin dealer. It is quite a handsome piece and comes complete in a protective capsule. We don’t know what the mintage is but we believe it is very low. We guess on today’s prices that the mints are charging we should be asking over £80.00 for it. But we bought it right and we are going to sell it right. We have 200 pieces in stock, the first 100 are £39.50 each and once they are sold the next 100 will cost £49.50 each.