Ethiopia Mint Set 1977-2012 (6 Values)

6 coins 1977-2012, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Cents and 1 Birr the last coin is bi-metallic. All with the head of a lion.
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Picture of New Djibouti, Mint Set

New Djibouti, Mint Set

From Africa we offer a Brilliant Uncirculated set of coins from a rather exotic sounding county, Djibouti. It use to be called Afars and Issas in 1967. It is near all the busiest shipping lanes in the world. The Capital has the same name as the country. The last time we had another set from this country it quickly sold out and this set has a new bi-metallic coin. You get the large 5 Francs with an antelope on it, 10 Francs with old and new ships, 20 Francs of the same design, 50 Francs with a mother and baby camel, 100 Francs with a similar design and the new 250 Francs, bi-metallic with a most unusual bird on it. You get all six coins from Djibouti in Brilliant Uncirculated condition for an impressive price. It is very difficult to get there and almost impossible to get the coins out of the country.
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Aruba, Mint Set 1986-2016 (5 Values)

Includes one square coin, 5c, 10c 25c, 50c and 1 Florin, modern and most unusual.
Ukraine, Mint Set  2010-12 (7 Values)

Ukraine, Mint Set 2010-12 (7 Values)

7 coins 2010-2012, 1, 2, 5, 10 25 and 50 Kopiyok and 1 Hruvni. Who knows when and where more will be made.