Elizabeth II, Sixpence 1957 Uncirculated

This is a strange coin, when Richard moved to London in 1968 this coin cost more in real terms than it does now. Everyone was trying to put together a set of pre-decimal coins in Uncirculated and this is one of the coins that caused a little bit of trouble. Everyone puts away the first year of a new design and especially if it is a Coronation year (1953). The second year less are put away and as time goes on fewer and fewer are put away, until it gets very difficult to find Uncirculated examples of some dates. We bought a small group of 1957 Queen Elizabeth II Sixpences in Uncirculated condition. Not a rare coin, but one that is difficult to find if you need one. They are not expensively priced at just £3.95, but they were more expensive in 1968 than what we are charging now. It just goes to show that not everything goes up in price all the time and Coincraft can offer you some super deals.
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