Elizabeth II, Proof Gold Sovereign 2003

Proof in original capsule
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We sell an Uncirculated Queen Elizabeth II sovereign for at least £325.00. We are going to offer you a Bargain here. We are going to offer this Proof Sovereign for just £25.00 more than you would have to pay for an Uncirculated Sovereign...

The coin is struck by the Royal Mint in their highest standard Proof, meaning the planchet and the die are polished before they strike them. Then the coin is struck multiple times to get the best high relief. It comes in a protective capsule and is in Proof condition. The coin weighs about 8 grams of 22ct Gold and has the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

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Elizabeth II, Gold Proof Sovereign 1981

In 1981 the late Princess Diana married Prince Charles, so in the coin trade this coin has always been known as the Charles & Diana Sovereign. You have H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on one side and St. George slaying the dragon on the other side. Each coin is in gleaming Proof condition, the finest grade that you can get. They are struck by the Royal Mint in 22ct Gold and come in their original case. Unfortunately on some of the cases there was a label attached to the case and part of it might still be adhering, but the coins themselves are in perfect Proof condition. Today the Royal Mint is charging £425.00 for this 1981 Proof Sovereign in the original case.
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