Elizabeth II, 20 Pence 2000 (2 coins) in Silver Proof & Cupro-Nickel UNC

In 2000 the world was celebrating the new Millennium, something that you could only attend once in your life. The Royal Mint issued their usual coins, but because it was the Millennium, they also struck them in Silver Proof. We have some gleaming Proof 20p Silver coins on offer and to make them even that little bit better… We will give you an Uncirculated cupro-nickel coin as a little free gift. That way you will be able to differentiate a silver coin from a cupro-nickel coin. Buy a silver proof Millennium 20 Pence and we will give you a Brilliant Uncirculated cupro-nickel 2000 20p for Free.
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Picture of Elizabeth II, New York Commemorative Crown 1960 Prooflike

Elizabeth II, New York Commemorative Crown 1960 Prooflike

In 1960 the Royal Mint issued a Crown to honour the New York World’s Fair. We have always thought that some of the coins were actually struck in New York but we have been told that this is not the case and they were all were struck in this country. What we do know is that a very small number of the 1960 crowns were struck in Prooflike Uncirculated condition, rather than in the normal matt Uncirculated. These Prooflike Crowns are difficult to get and it has taken us some time to put this little group together. On the obverse, you have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II and on the reverse, you have four shields of arms. According to Krause less than 7% of the coins struck were in Prooflike Uncirculated condition. Get them while our small supply lasts, we don’t know anyone who has any quantity of these available.